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  1. Coating Solutions

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    For customers who require custom plating for proprietary and/or highly specialized applications, Olin Brass is an obvious choice. Within the company network and through close subcontractor relationships, we offer an unmatched range of value-added services, including electroplating, specialty slitting, surface treatments/coatings, and cut-to-length capability. Equally importantly is the emphasis we place on ease of doing business – you deal with only one contact and receive only one invoice on any given job, regardless of how many companies are involved in the work.


    Value-Added Services

    Electroplating (Reel to Reel):
    • Tin Coated – Matte, Bright, Reflow
    • Olin Advance Tin Barrier, Super Thin Advance Reflow
    • Precious Metals – Gold, Silver, Palladium, Selective Plating, Duplex
    • P24 and P2 Anti-Tarnish coatings
    Other Metal Coatings:
    • Hot Air Level Tin
    • Hot Tin Dip (Mechanical Wipe)
    • Tin Silver
    Other Services:
    • Cut to length
    • Precision slitting
    • Lube free cold rolling
    • Specialty surface treatments – Matte, Polish
    • PVC Coating
  2. Copper Alloy Tubing

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    Olin Brass business unit Fineweld® Tube is among the world’s leading manufacturers of copper alloy tubing for a diversity of markets, including power utility, desalination, air conditioning and refrigeration, architectural hardware, healthcare equipment and furnishings, hospitality and plumbing products.

    Our products include high-frequency, induced current, and welded copper alloy tubing made from flat-rolled strip supplied exclusively by the Olin Brass mill in East Alton, IL. We specialize in copper-nickel alloys ideal for heat transfer applications and applications demanding superior surface quality. Additionally, Fineweld® Tube is the only fully integrated supplier of EPA-registered antimicrobial tube products in North America.

    For more information, including a complete list of alloys and products specifications, please visit Fineweld Tube on our website.

  3. Stainless Steel Foil

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    Olin Brass offers precision rolled stainless steel through Somers Thin Strip, our Waterbury Connecticut-based precision re-roll mill that specializes in high-performance light gauge metal strip. The stainless steels that Somers produces are exceptionally flat, thin and wide, manufactured to the tightest tolerances for the most demanding applications.

    Every order is custom-tailored to the precise specifications of customer; hard drive reader head suspensions, photo etch components, deep drawn components, and solar panel substrates are just a few of the products that incorporate our stainless steels.



    • Various 200, 300, & 400 Series Stainless Steels
    Precision Rolling
    • Sendzimir rolling mills
    • Computerized gauge control
    • Thin Gauge
    • Tempered 0.001” to 0.025” (25µm to 0.64mm)
    • Annealed 0.003” to 0.025” (25µm to 0.64mm)
    • Surface finishes
    • <1 microinch to 40 microinches and higher
    Precision Slitting
    • Width 0.032” to 37” (0.8 to 940mm)
    • Tight camber tolerances
    • Precision slit edges
    Premium Shape
    • Ungerer Tension Leveler
  4. Stamped Metal Parts

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    Metal stamping and product fabrication have been a mainstay of the Olin Brass legacy for over 80 years. We currently fabricate parts and components from over 40 different copper-based alloys, as well as stainless steels, aluminum alloys, carbon steels and clad materials.

    These products include parts for countless uses in numerous markets, including demanding automotive applications, surface critical decorative plumbing fixtures, ammunition, power distribution, and electronic components. With decades of successful experience and a stamping facility immediately adjacent to the Olin Brass Mill in East Alton, Illinois, we are uniquely capable to be your “single source” for cost-effective, high quality fabricated products for every need.

  5. Copper Foil

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    Olin Brass manufactures many types of rolled and surface treated copper and copper alloy foils at its Somers Thin Strip facility, including specialty high-performance copper foils in a wide range of thicknesses and surface treatments. All are custom crafted to meet the precise individual requirements of domestic and international customers in the micro-electronics, energy, medical and other industries.

    Features and Characteristics

    • Rolled (RA) copper foils, 10 – 400+ µm thick and up to 920 mm wide
    • Multiple copper alloys with different strengths, conductivities and other properties
    • Electrodeposited (ED) copper foils on a releasable copper carrier, 1- 5 µm thick
    • Different types of low and high profile protective and/or bond-enhancing surface treatments, with optional nickel plating
    • Exceptional control of properties, dimensions, surface and shape
    • Tailor-made to meet very specific customer needs.
    • Supplied worldwide in rolls or sheets, with superior quality and service