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  1. Fineweld Tube

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    A World Leader in Copper Tubing

    Olin Brass Fineweld® Tube is a business unit of Olin Brass, and a world leader in its own right. Developed in Olin Brass Metals Research Laboratory, Fineweld Tube was initially commercialized in 1968 and quickly rose to a dominant market position in high-frequency welded copper alloy tubing.

    Today, we specialize in tubing products manufactured from copper-nickel alloys designed for heat transfer and other applications that demand superior surface quality. We serve public and private customers in a wide range of markets, including power utility, desalination, air conditioning and refrigeration, architectural hardware, plumbing and plumbing products, and redraw.

    Product Overview

    Fineweld Tube manufactures welded copper alloy tubing from flat-rolled strip via the high frequency induced current method, also known as the “forge-welded process.” This process involves heating the strip edges to a plastic state, then  forging them together to create a metallurgically sound weld. No filler metals are used.

    Below is a summary of our manufacturing capabilities. Please contact us for more information or request a quote for product made to your exact specifications.


    • C12200 Phosphorus Deoxidized Copper
    • C19400 Copper-Iron Alloy
    • C22000 Commercial Bronze
    • C23000 Red Brass
    • C24000 Low Brass
    • C26000 Cartridge Brass
    • C26800 Yellow Brass
    • C27200 Yellow Brass
    • C44300 Arsenical Admiralty Brass
    • C51000 Phosphor Bronze, 5%
    • C51100 Phosphor Bronze, 4%
    • C52100 Phosphor Bronze, 8%
    • C68700 Arsenical Aluminum Brass
    • C70600 90-10 Copper-Nickel
    • C71000 80-20 Copper-Nickel
    • C71500 70-30 Copper-Nickel
    • C72200 85-15 Copper-Nickel (chromium modified)
    • C75200 Nickel-Silver

    Fineweld® Tube also offers antimicrobial tube made with EPA-registered CuVerro® bactericidal copper alloys.  Contact us or visit for more information.

    Dimensional Capabilities

    • Outside Diameter: From 1/2″ to 2-3/8” (12.7mm to 60.3mm)
    • Wall Thickness: From 0.018” to 0.125” (0.46mm to 3.17mm)
    • Straight Lengths: From 4 inches to 80 feet (101.6mm to 24.4m)


    Large Diameter Bunch Coils:

    • Continuous coils up to 1400 pounds or 2800 feet
    • Coil diameter – approximately 84”
    • Tube diameters available – 0.875”, 1.000”, 1.125” and 1.250”

    Level Wound Coils:

    • Coil diameter – approximately 36”
    • Tube diameters available – 0.500” and 0.625”


    In addition to round tube, Fineweld® Tube can produce a variety of shapes including rectangular, square, D-shaped, oval, etc.

    Surface Finishes

    • Standard:  Mill Quality
    • Surface Critical:  Suitable for buffing and plating
    • Polish:  Choice of Polished, Polished and Lacquered, or Satin-Finished. Contact us for information on other finishes.
    • Patterned: Diamond pattern pictured below; contact us for information on other embossed finishes.

    Standard Specifications

    • ASTM B543 / ASME SB-543 Welded Copper and Copper-Alloy Heat Exchanger Tube (welded equivalent to ASTM B111 / ASME SB-111 for seamless tube)
    • ASTM B552 Seamless and Welded Copper-Nickel Tubes for Water Desalting Plants
    • ASTM B587 / ASME SB-587 Welded Brass Tube
    • ASTM B956 / ASME SB-956 Welded Copper and Copper-Alloy Condenser and Heat Exchanger Tubes with Integral Fins


    Value-Added Services

    For Fineweld Tube, success depends upon our ability to manufacture product to the precise specifications of each customer. To that end, we offer a number of specialized services that allow us to custom tailor your order to your needs, including cut-to-length, coils, shape variations, and patterned or finished tube options.

    Inventory Management

    We can also design customized inventory management programs to meet your operational requirements while minimizing inventory and maximizing cash flow.

    And we relish the opportunity to meet any other challenges you may have. Please contact us for more information or request a quote for product made to your exact specifications.

    Our Process

    Fineweld Tube follows a strict process with every order and customer.

    • Verify Order and Product Need
    • Quality Assurance
    • Research and Test
    • Quality Inspection
    • Scheduling and Delivery
    • Customer Follow up

    Customer Service

    Fineweld Tube focus is on Ease of Use

    • Order Control Environment
    • Walk Through Process
    • Quality Control
  2. Somers Thin Strip

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    Going Above and Beyond

    Since 1909, Somers Thin Strip has excelled in developing the manufacturing expertise to produce exceptionally thin metal strip products. This proficiency, combined with an unwavering commitment to research and innovation, has established us as the world leader in the production of customized thin gauge metal strip.

    Today, we ship wrought foil products with thicknesses of 10 microns and peelable foils of 1 micron. In addition, we offer a variety of value added surface enhancements and coatings, including our signature CopperBond® treated foils and CopperBond® XTF Xtra Thin foils.

    At Somers, our guiding philosophy has always been to work closely with each customer to meet their specific application needs. And that, we believe, is the ultimate reason for our longstanding success. Because the material solutions we develop are the direct result of addressing challenges that arise in the markets we serve. Your markets. Your challenges. Your solutions. That’s Somers Thin Strip.

    Precision Metal Foils Tailored To Your Needs

    Somers Thin Strip produces specialty metal foils whose precision and performance are unsurpassed in the industry. Our product line, which includes stainless steel foils and a number of distinct precision copper foils, is outlined below.

    Stainless Steel

    Somers Thin Strip produces extremely flat, thin and wide stainless steel material to the tightest tolerances necessary for the most stringent applications in a wide variety of markets. Reader head suspensions, photo etch components, deep drawn components, and solar panel substrates – that’s just a sampling of the extremely demanding stainless steel products we support.

    Roller Copper Foil (RA Copper Foil)

    Thin rolled copper foils (known as RA Copper Foils in the printed circuit industry) are a mainstay of Somers’ precision copper foil product line. Using a combination of rolling, annealing, leveling, slitting and finishing, we produce specialty copper alloys custom-made to specific customer applications, including printed circuits, electromagnetic shielding and rechargeable batteries.

    Copperbond Treated Copper Foil

    Rapid growth in the flexible printed circuit and battery industries has fueled parallel advances in our own technology, resulting in our development of proprietary surface treatments and enhancements for increasingly specialized applications, including:

    One example is our CopperBond® dendritic surface treatment, which provides a tightly adhering, uniform, electrochemical deposition of copper or copper-nickel dendrites on the foil surface. It offers significantly greater bond strength over that of smooth copper, due to a tightly controlled, irregular topography that causes a uniquely effective “hooking action” to occur between the copper, adhesive, and substrate.

    Multiple types of surface treatment are available on the rolled foils, including CopperBond® Pink treatment, CopperBond DT™ (double-side-treatment), CopperBond Black™ (a low profile copper-nickel treatment), as well as nickel-plating.

    Additionally, increased miniaturization and performance demands have also driven Somers to introduce copper alloy foils with higher strengths and different properties than pure copper foils, rolled to thicknesses from 0.00039” (10 µm) to .016″ (400 µm), with or without surface treatment.


    As electronics products become smaller, faster and more complex, the demand for high-density interconnect (HDI) printed circuit boards continues to rise. CopperBond® XTF was developed to give forward-thinking designers the tools necessary to use HDI technology to its full capacity.

    CopperBond® XTF is an extra-thin releasable (peelable) foil on a thicker carrier foil, with customized thickness ranging from 1 to 5 microns to meet your applications requirements. The extra thin ED Foil is carried by a releasable 1-ounce (35 micron) copper foil, which utilizes an inorganic release layer to provide exceptionally consistent release force even when laminated at elevated temperatures.

    The result? A product that is being embraced as “the next generation of thin” by the engineers who are taking electronic components into ever smaller, faster territory. A breakthrough for the industry. Business as usual for Somers Thin Strip.

    Check our Precision Copper Foils page for details on specific products. For more information on Somers battery products, download our Battery Foils Information Sheet.

    Adding Value to Every Aspect of Service

    For Somers Thin Strip, the challenge of doing business has grown exponentially in recent years, with the ever higher demand for product quality and technological innovation matched by constantly growing expectations in the areas of service reliability and efficiency.

    We’ve been exceptionally successful in meeting the challenge, in large part by redoubling our efforts to improve every aspect of our services. From constantly increasing the flexibility of our service offerings and raising the bar in performance reliability, to maintaining the highest possible level of technical and research support in new product development for our customers, we are wholly committed to adding value to every aspect of every service we offer. Some examples:

    Inventory Management Programs

    Like the products we manufacturer, our program offerings are designed to be custom-tailored to suit your specific needs while minimizing lead time, ensuring stable supply, and reducing capital costs.

    Technical Support

    Our technical service engineering group is made up of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the foils industry. They’re available at your convenience to provide whatever support you need, from material recommendations to customer application trouble shooting, working onsite and via any communication method you prefer.