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  1. Copper Alloy Tubing

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    Olin Brass business unit Fineweld® Tube is among the world’s leading manufacturers of copper alloy tubing for a diversity of markets, including power utility, desalination, air conditioning and refrigeration, architectural hardware, healthcare equipment and furnishings, hospitality and plumbing products.

    Our products include high-frequency, induced current, and welded copper alloy tubing made from flat-rolled strip supplied exclusively by the Olin Brass mill in East Alton, IL. We specialize in copper-nickel alloys ideal for heat transfer applications and applications demanding superior surface quality. Additionally, Fineweld® Tube is the only fully integrated supplier of EPA-registered antimicrobial tube products in North America.

    For more information, including a complete list of alloys and products specifications, please visit Fineweld Tube on our website.