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  1. Coating Solutions

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    For customers who require custom plating for proprietary and/or highly specialized applications, Olin Brass is an obvious choice. Within the company network and through close subcontractor relationships, we offer an unmatched range of value-added services, including electroplating, specialty slitting, surface treatments/coatings, and cut-to-length capability. Equally importantly is the emphasis we place on ease of doing business – you deal with only one contact and receive only one invoice on any given job, regardless of how many companies are involved in the work.


    Value-Added Services

    Electroplating (Reel to Reel):
    • Tin Coated – Matte, Bright, Reflow
    • Olin Advance Tin Barrier, Super Thin Advance Reflow
    • Precious Metals – Gold, Silver, Palladium, Selective Plating, Duplex
    • P24 and P2 Anti-Tarnish coatings
    Other Metal Coatings:
    • Hot Air Level Tin
    • Hot Tin Dip (Mechanical Wipe)
    • Tin Silver
    Other Services:
    • Cut to length
    • Precision slitting
    • Lube free cold rolling
    • Specialty surface treatments – Matte, Polish
    • PVC Coating
  2. Copper Strip

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    The foundation of Olin Brass’ business lies in our East Alton, Illinois brass mill and the copper alloys that are produced there – up to a million pounds of finished coiled product per day.

    Our portfolio includes rolled sheet and strip products made from some 60 distinct copper alloys, including high coppers, brasses, nickel silvers and other high performance copper alloys. In addition to standard gauges and configurations, we routinely work with individual customers to produce materials that meet their exact specifications.

    For more information, including a complete list of alloys and products specifications, please visit the Mill Products section of our website.