A Legacy of Leadership: Olin Brass Research and Development.

Over the past century, we’ve witnessed such rapid, non-stop technological advancement that we tend to take progress for granted. But innovation doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It’s the product of countless ideas, trials and labor hours – and more often than not, the full support of a visionary organization.

Olin Brass is a case in point. Since our inception in 1916, we’ve built a legacy of leadership in the development of copper alloys and related materials technology that remains unmatched the world over. Our commitment to research has always been key, and remains as strong today as a century ago.

That’s readily apparent at the Olin Brass Materials Research Laboratories, which are located within our facilities in East Alton, IL and Waterbury, CT, and staffed with expert metallurgists, engineers and materials researchers. Working with pilot plants, testing labs and other developmental technologies, they excel at quickly translating ingenious ideas into commercially successful alloys, products and processes.

Materials Research Areas of Concentration

  • Casting Development
  • Alloy Development
  • Electrochemical Processing
  • Electrical Interconnects
  • Test Development
  • Materials Characterization
    • Metal Forming
    • Mechanical Testing
    • Surface Related Measurement
    • Microstructural / Metallographic
    • Analytical electron microscopy STEM EDS
    • Bulk Property Measurement Test
    • Chemical Analysis (Optical Emission and ICP)

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