Environmental Management.

Environmental protection receives more than lip service at Olin Brass. We are in fact deeply committed to preserving and protecting the integrity of the land and air we share with the communities that are home to our facilities. That commitment is reflected in our environmental mission statement:

“Olin Brass will conduct its operations as a responsible member within the communities where our facilities reside by monitoring and controlling emissions, meeting and exceeding regulatory standards, and continuously looking for opportunities to protect the environment.”

To that end, Olin Brass has developed high environmental standards for all of our facilities, and an extensive environmental management system that enables us to consistently meet them. The system includes the following components:

  • Continual review of existing and proposed federal, state, and local environmental regulations
  • Tracking material usage, emissions and compliance inspections
  • 3rd party environmental audits of all facilities to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Development of internal guidelines and policies to promote environmental stewardship
  • Employee training highlighting the potential of impacting the environment of their communities.
  • Maintaining a system of continuous improvement utilizing the principles of “Plan, Do, Check, Act”

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