Meet the Olin Brass Energy Team

It was formed in 2010 at the direction of then Vice President of Manufacturing Bill Fautch to identify opportunities and propose solutions to cut energy consumption at the Olin Brass Mill and Casting Plant facilities in East Alton, IL. And while there have been a few changes to the membership in the nearly 4 years since its inception, the Olin Brass Energy Team remains very much the same in structure and spirit, mission and mindset as the day it was founded.

Today, the team is comprised of 11 individuals representing a true cross-section of the plant’s employee base, drawn from virtually every department and every corner of the facility. Yet as diverse as they are, the members remain united in their commitment to seeking and finding opportunities for energy efficiency wherever they’re hiding. Their participation is strictly voluntary and involves no additional compensation. And their efforts to date have helped save hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy consumption, while making Olin Brass a better place to work for everyone.

Here are the members of the Olin Brass Energy Team of 2014:

 Olin Brass Energy Team

Don Ballard             

Maintenance Tech Specialist


Michael Becherer  

Annealing Operator


Bryan Bone

Annealing Operator


Debbie England     

Engineering Analyst/Coordinator


Todd Fee                 

Production Slitting Crane Operator


Jim Kabitzke          

Engineering Team Manager


Robert Knowles

Fire Department Captain


Dave Seib               

Maintenance Tech Specialist


Paul Swanson       

Plant Accountant


Wayne Sway                      

Maintenance Electrical Tech


Don Wadlow

Production Slitting Operator


Brian Young            

Electrical Engineer


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