Online Recruiting Paying Big Dividends for Olin Brass

No company survives and thrives for over a century without consistently embracing change along the way – Olin Brass is living proof.

At a time when the prospects for long term success in the metals industry are being defined more and more by competition for top engineering and technical talent, the longtime copper alloy leader is increasingly looking to the power of digital media in their recruiting efforts.

“There’s no question that we’ve taken big strides in digital recruiting over the past couple of years,” said Jeremy Morris, Human Resources Generalist for Olin Brass. He cites the company’s new website, which includes a newly designed Current Job Openings section, as well as their use of popular social media, primarily LinkedIn, as keys to their progress.

“Using these tools opens us up to reaching an exponentially larger talent pool for virtually any position,” he said. “And that, in turn, allows us to be more selective in targeting candidates and more successful in hiring the individuals we want.”

Both the company’s website and LinkedIn pages have been busy places in recent weeks. More than a dozen openings were posted on the website during April and May for Olin Brass’s Mill Products division in East Alton, Illinois. Many were reposted in early June on LinkedIn, including a number of engineering and management positions, which points to another benefit of online recruiting.

“The effectiveness of our online efforts has allowed us to move some of our management recruiting back in-house, instead of using executive search firms,” said Morris, who oversees all salaried recruitment for Mill Products. “The result is greater cost effectiveness and overall efficiency – exactly what we’re looking to achieve in every aspect of our business.”

A subsidiary of Global Brass and Copper Holdings, Inc., Olin Brass is a world leader in its own right, one of the oldest, most innovative and diverse producers of copper alloys and products in the world. With six domestic operating units and an international group serving Asia and the Pacific Rim, the organization is poised to maintain and expand its presence in copper markets worldwide.  For more information, please visit