Four Olin Brass Facilities earn 2013 CDA Safety Awards

Olin Brass was among the biggest winners last week as the Copper Development Association issued its 2013 Safety Awards to those copper fabricating facilities deemed the safest in the U.S.

A March 10th announcement from CDA headquarters in New York listed four Olin Brass facilities among those earning awards in three separate categories. Those winners are:


Fabricator Group 1 (Over 500,000 hours worked)

3rd Place – Olin Brass Mill & Casting Facility, East Alton, IL


Fabricator Group 2 (200,000–500,000 hours worked)

2nd Place – Somers Thin Strip, Waterbury, CT


Fabricator Group 3 (Up to 200,000 hours worked)

1st Place – Fineweld Tube, Cuba, MO

2nd Place – Bryan Metals, Bryan, OH


Watch for more information about the awards and our ongoing efforts to enhance safety in all Olin Brass facilities across the country and around the world.