Olin Brass Passes YouTube Milestone, Expands Video Presence on Website

It’s been over four months since the launch of the signaled the start of the venerable copper company’s rebranding effort. And from the start, no component has played a more important role than digital video.

From clips embedded in the corporate website to the offerings available on Olin Brass’s YouTube channel, it’s abundantly clear the company understands the unique power of video and is determined to make the most of it.

“More than any other medium, video is designed to tell a story,” said Mike Templeton of MA Interactive, theChicago marketing agency that handles Olin Brass’s interactive communications and is the architect of the video effort. “It allows you to make your points more dramatically and more memorably than other media. And while it may not be as interactive as, say, Twitter or LinkedIn, there’s no questioning its power to make an impression.”

Which is precisely what the Olin Brass YouTube channel is doing. In September, total impressions for the videos listed on the channel passed the 2,000 viewer milestone. The most popular clip, a “guided tour” of the Olin Brass Mill and Casting Facility in East Alton, Illinois, is closing in on the 1,000 viewer mark. And overall, the channel averages 15-20 views per day for all of the videos, which include a series of employee-focused clips as well as overviews of selected Olin Brass business units.

The results have so impressive, that the company to created a “second home” for the video collection on In early October, the website was modified to include a video library which includes all the content currently available on the company’s YouTube channel.

Olin Brass Marketing Director Kon John looks for video viewership to continue building on both the website and on YouTube. “We’re delighted with the results we’ve seen so far, and are confident they’ll continue to rise as we add new clips,” he said. John noted that a new video showcasing the Olin Brass International Group is nearly complete, and a number of others are in the works. So stay tuned!

A subsidiary of Global Brass and Copper Holdings, Inc., Olin Brass is a world leader in its own right, one of the oldest, most innovative and diverse producers of copper alloys and products in the world. With six domestic operating units and an international group serving Asia and the Pacific Rim, the organization is poised to maintain and expand its presence in copper markets worldwide. For more information, please visit