Twitter Social Media Campaign Offers Measurable Results, Promising Future for Olin Brass

When Olin Brass launched its all-new corporate website at the end of June, company officials noted it was the centerpiece of a larger digital corporate communication effort that would also employ social media, notably Twitter and YouTube. Four months later, they’re ready to assess the progress of that effort to date.

“So far, so good,” Olin Brass Marketing Director Kon John said. “There’s no question that digital marketing and social media are having an impact on our overall marketing approach. While traditional sales and marketing channels continue to be dominant in our industry, we also recognize that social media is evolving rapidly as a communication tool within our market, and a critical part of our mix going forward.”

One medium that has proven particularly useful is Twitter, according to Mike Templeton, managing partner at MA Interactive, the Chicago marketing agency that currently handles Olin Brass’s interactive communications. “We’ve found Twitter allows for more direct interaction between Olin Brass and the customer, the prospect and the marketplace,” Templeton said. “It gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the direction of company operations while simultaneously alerting followers to news and events of interest to them.”

Posting regularly and frequently is key to success, John pointed out. “Since we started in June, our activity has grown steadily to the point where we are right now, which is about 2-3 tweets per day,” he said. The range of topics covered is wide ranging, he said, from regular reports on metal market values and lead times to job openings at Olin Brass operating units across the country.

The effort is beginning to pay dividends, Templeton noted. “Every month we’re seeing gains in our number of followers and other measurable categories,” he said. “For example, total followers were up 15 % from September to October, while total mentions rose by almost 20%.” And they’ve barely scratched the surface, he emphasized. “So far, we’re really just tip-toeing into the medium. It’s a good start, but just a start.”

John agreed. “We’re very pleased with where Twitter is taking us,” he said. “While our current effort is small, we see tremendous potential in what Twitter and other social media can do in communicating the core values of our company.” To that end, the company has introduced LinkedIn, Google Plus and other channels as they embrace the power of social media, today and tomorrow.

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