World Copper Alloy Leader Olin Brass Launches Dynamic New Website

The genius of copper has a brand new face – and a place in cyberspace that makes accessing its benefits easier than ever before.

That’s what you’ll find at, the all-new corporate website for one of the world’s oldest and most trusted names in copper alloy production and development.

“This is the first major update we’ve made to our online presence since 2006,” said Olin Brass Marketing Director Kon John. “Our goal was to create a website that not only tells the story of our company’s century-long industry leadership, but also accurately reflects the reality of Olin Brass today: a contemporary, customer-focused organization that is ready and eager to embrace the future.”

The site is among the first results of a long-term effort the company began 18 months ago to rejuvenate the Olin Brass brand and forge an identity focused on the organization’s strong suits.

Prior to starting the web development process, a survey of regular customers identified several company strengths, including its history of innovation and the enormous diversity of copper alloy productsand services offered. The website was designed with those points in mind, said John.

“We wanted the site to be more informative about where we’ve been and all we’ve done,” he said. “We also sought to make the presentation as dynamic as the company itself.” To that end, the website features an exceptional amount of professionally produced video content, including a dramatic company overview and a 5-minute “guided tour” of Olin Brass Mill in East Alton, Illinois.

The survey also revealed that “ease of doing business” was of paramount importance to most Olin Brass customers – something the new website delivers, according to John.

“For us, the most important measure of our website’s effectiveness is how useful it is to customers and suppliers,” he pointed out. “With so much of everyone’s day-to-day business shifting to the web and online communications, we understood the importance of designing the space to meet their needs, and save them time and trouble in the process.”

Thus the abundance of interactive tools integrated throughout the site, which allow customers to do everything from calculating the amount of copper coil required and requesting a price quote for a given job, to downloading essential technical documents and subscribing to E-Reports on metal values and delivery lead times. Olin Brass suppliers find a similar number of convenient resources, including detailed requirements for metal procurement providers and more.

John reported that traffic has been heavy and feedback “extremely positive” since the site launched Wednesday, June 5. “I think everyone in the company is energized (by the site),” he said “And that’s something we can build on in many ways – inside and outside the company, with customers and prospects, employees and recruits. In the end, it’s a point of pride we all can share.”

About Olin Brass 
A subsidiary of Global Brass and Copper Holdings, Inc., Olin Brass is a world leader in its own right, one of the oldest, most innovative and diverse producers of copper alloys and products in the world. With six domestic operating units and an international group serving Asia and the Pacific Rim, the organization is poised to maintain and expand its presence in copper markets worldwide. For more information, please visit