Olin Brass Embracing Social Media in New Interactive Marketing Effort

For nearly a century, Olin Brass has been unlocking the genius of copper, exploring the extraordinary properties and exploiting the seemingly endless potential of what is certainly one of society’s most important natural resources.

Now the venerable company is seeking to tap a very different resource as it seeks to spread the word about Olin Brass to an ever larger, more complex and more intensely competitive global marketplace.

That resource is social media. And while it’s entirely new territory for Olin Brass, the company already regards it as a cornerstone of their long-term corporate communications strategy.

Olin Brass Marketing Director Kon John said as much last week when the company launched its new corporate website, “Our goal is to establish an online presence that reflects the reality of Olin Brass today,” he said, “which is a contemporary, customer-focused organization that is ready and eager to embrace the future.”

The new website is one important first step in that effort – but only the first, John stressed. “We wanted the site to be as dynamic as the company itself, and I think any visitor to the site would agree it does just that,” he said. “But getting those visitors to the site – and developing a rapport that keeps them coming back – that’s what we’re looking for social media to do.”

In that, of course, they’re not alone. Far removed from chat rooms and message boards where it started, today’s social media universe is jammed with thousands upon thousands of companies and organizations vying for the attention of an increasingly savvy audience.

“The use of social media networks like LinkedIn and Twitter is as commonplace today as Google or eBay,” said Mike Templeton, managing partner at MA Interactive, the Chicago marketing agency that handles Olin Brass’s interactive communications. “But how effectively are companies using it? Are they building meaningful connections with new prospects and bolstering relationships with existing customers? That’s where social media can really help.”

John agreed. “It’s all about relationships. That’s what Olin Brass is built on – personal relationships with customers, vendors and suppliers, industry authorities, media reps, you name it. Like most companies who’ve been in business as long as we have, our people have spent years cultivating those relationships in meetings, lunches, phone calls – and more and more today, by email and text, Skype and Outlook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

“Because that’s how people communicate today. And that’s why going forward, we’re embracing social media as an indispensable component of our communications strategy.” Right now, that component includes LinkedIn and Twitter pages as well as a dedicated Olin Brass YouTube channel. The latter is devoted to the company’s growing library of professionally produced videos, which capture everything from employee testimonials to a “guided tour” of the Olin Brass Mill in East Alton, Illinois.

About Olin Brass 
A subsidiary of Global Brass and Copper Holdings, Inc., Olin Brass is a world leader in its own right, one of the oldest, most innovative and diverse producers of copper alloys and products in the world. With six domestic operating units and an international group serving Asia and the Pacific Rim, the organization is poised to maintain and expand its presence in copper markets worldwide. For more information, please visit