Scrap Dealers

As a manufacturer of approximately 50 different copper-based alloys for the  automotive, housing, electronics, coinage and ammunition markets, Olin Brass  regularly buys scrap metal in various forms from numerous different streams.


Below is a list of the specific copper alloys we are always in the market to purchase. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have supplies of other copper alloys not shown here.

Bare    Tinned

  • C102    X    X
  • C110    X    X
  • C122    X    X
  • C151    X    X
  • C155    X
  • C194    X
  • C197    X
  • C19020    X    X
  • 19025    X
  • 19210    X
  • C210-C230    X    X
  • C240-C280    X
  • C411    X    X
  • C422    X    X
  • C425    X    X
  • C706    X
  • C713    X
  • C715    X

Forms & Packaging Preferences

We purchase scrap in various forms, including wire, punchings, clips, web scrap, tubing and bus bar. Scrap is generally received in bales, bricks or Gaylord boxes;  all material must be loaded on skids. Please contact us for exact specifications or to inquire about forms not listed here.

Quality Requirements

Olin Brass demands high quality in all raw materials, and scrap is no exception. We thoroughly inspect all scrap received using visual, magnetic and XRF methods to confirm chemistry and cleanliness. We also operate a supplier partnership program to continuously improve scrap quality and identify mutual growth opportunities.

Delivery Scheduling System

Olin Brass utilizes a scrap delivery scheduling system to minimize congestion and ensure enployee and driver safety. Our receiving hours are Mon.-Fri. from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m; delivery appointments are scheduled in advance in two-hour windows to expedite the process.

By-Product Sales

In addition to purchasing scrap, Olin Brass also sells various by-products generated by our manufacturing processes. Please contact us if you would like to be included in the solicitation of our regular by-product sales opportunities.


Metals Buyer-Trader
Diana Buescher

Scrap Purchases & By-Product Sales
Michael Hlafka

Delivery Scheduling

Connie LeDuc

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