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The Innovation Team:
Olin Brass Supply Partner Network

As large and diverse an organization as Olin Brass is, our ability to deliver solutions that fulfill the customized needs of some customers requires specialized capabilities beyond those of our own business units. For that reason, we maintain a network of supply partners with whom we work on a project-by-project basis.

Three different teams are involved in building and maintaining relationships with these supply partners. Our Metal Procurement team is responsible for identifying the best available sources of raw materials to meet our quality and budget standards. Our Purchasing team works closely with production, engineering and maintenance management to deliver the best possible MRO, capital, and services solutions. And our Supply Chain team facilitates relationships with outside processors whose capabilities help us expand and enhance our products offerings.

For more information on products we offer via outside processors, visit our Metal Platings and Coatings page. And if you or your company are interested in learning more about becoming an approved Olin Brass Subcontractor, please contact us at