The condition of the surfaces of the products, produced by normal or special mill procedures. Several types of finishes can be produced as follows:

1) Acid Dipped-Dry, Rolled Finish - The finish obtained by cold dry rolling on polished rolls of material previously bichromate dipped or bright dipped, giving a burnished appearance and retaining the color obtained by dipping.

2) Bichromate Dipped Finish - A semi-matte finish approaching the true color of the metal, obtained by immersion in an aqueous solution of sodium bichromate and sulfuric acid to remove scale and oxide, using the following formula: sulfuric acid 12 ounces; sodium bichromate 4 ounces; water 1 gallon.

3) Bright Annealed Finish - The finish obtained by annealing under conditions of controlled atmosphere to prevent oxidation and to retain the original luster of the product. Also see Annealing.

4) Bright Dipped Finish - A bright finish having the true color of the metal obtained by immersion in an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid and nitric acid, using the following formula: sulfuric acid 2 gallons; nitric acid 1 gallon; water 1 to 2 quarts; hydrochloric acid 1/2 fluid ounce.

5) Bright Rolled Finish - See Dry Rolled Finish.

6) Brush Brass Finish - A frosted finish obtained on brass by brushing with a Tampico (Bristol brush) wheel treated with brush rouge and rotating at high speeds.

7) Buffed Surface Finish - The finish obtained by buffing with rouge or similar fine abrasive, resulting in a high gloss or polish. This may be applied in one operation or two, commonly known as cutting and coloring operations.

8) Clean Annealed Finish - A finish characterized by a light iridescent film generally obtained on copper alloys which have been annealed in a controlled atmosphere.

9) Cold Rolled Finish - The finish obtained by cold rolling of plain pickled strip with a lubricant; giving a relatively smooth appearance. In the case of sheet or strip, cold rolling may be done without any lubricant, the finish then being similar to that described under Dry Rolled Finish.

10) Dichromate Dipped Finish - See Bichromate Dipped Finish.

11) Drawn Finish - The finish obtained on tube, wire, and drawn rod, bar and strip by drawing through a die resulting in a relatively smooth and bright appearance.

12) Dry Rolled Finish (Bright Rolled Finish)

a) The finish obtained by cold rolling on polished rolls without the use of any coolant or metal lubricant, on material previously plain pickled, bichromate, or bright dipped.

b) The finish obtained by the rolling or tumbling of brass articles in a barrel with either dry sawdust, leather, or scrap cork.

13) Hot Rolled Finish - The finish obtained by rolling metal while hot resulting in a dark, oxidized and relatively rough surface.

14) Plain Pickled Finish - The finish obtained by immersion in sulfuric acid solution. This effectively removes most heavy scale and oxides on yellow brasses, but is less effective on other alloys and will not remove any thin surface films of deposited copper. The color is, therefore, usually duller than that of bright dipped or bichromate dipped material.

15) Planish Finish - A bright smooth finish usually obtained by rubbing metals together.

16) Satin Finish - See Scratch Brushed Finish.

17) Scratch Brushed Finish (Satin Finish) - The finish obtained by mechanically brushing the surface with wire bristle brushes or by buffing with greaseless compound.

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