C18080 (ASTM B936) Alloy Data Specifications

Olin Brass Alloy C18080 is Cu Cr Ag Fe Ti Si system developed jointly by Olin Brass and Wieland-Werke. This alloy provides engineers a unique combination of properties. It incorporates very high electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent formability, good plateability and extremely high resistance to stress relaxation up to 200°C. These unique properties have been validated in applications from under-hood automotive connectors to smart grid power distribution components. For more information contact Olin Brass Market Development Engineering at 618-258-5255, OlinBrass.com or email us at info@olinbrass.com.

Chemical Composition

Copper1 Remainder
Chromium 0.20-0.70%
Silver 0.01-0.30%
Iron 0.02-0.20%
Titanium 0.01-0.15%
Silicon 0.01-0.10%

1Copper plus named elements, 99.8%

Physical Properties

  English Units Metrics Units
Density 0.320 lb/in3 @ 68oF 8.90 g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity 185 BTU-ft/ft2-hr-oF 320 W/moK
Electrical Resistivity 12.96 ohm circ mils/ft 2.155 microhm-cm
Electrical Conductivity (annealed) 80% IACS* 0.46 megamho/cm
Modulus of Elasticity TM04 20,300,000 psi 140 kN/mm2
TM08 18,500,000 psi 127 kN/mm2
Thermal Capacity (Specific Heat) 0.090 Btu/lb/Fo @ 68oF 377.1 J/kg - oK @ 293oK
Coeff. of Thermal Expansion
  68-212oF (20-100oC) 8.90 PPM/oF 16.0 PPM/oC
  68-392oF (20-200oC) 9.20 PPM/oF 16.6 PPM/oC
  68-572oF (20-300oC) 9.80 PPM/oF 17.6 PPM/oC
Magnetic Permeability

*International Annealed Copper Standard

Mechanical Properties

Temper1 Tensile Strength Yield Strength2 % Elongation2 Typical 90o Bend Formability GW/BW3
ksi N/mm2 ksi N/mm2
TM04 70-81 480-560 65 450 8 0.8 0.5
TM08 78-91 540-600 75 520 4 1.4 1.2
TR08 75-91 520-620 72 500 4 2.5 3.0

1Mechanical properties subject to change. Tensile strength and elongation are for reference only.
2C18080 is manufactured to a yield strength.

3DATA FOR REFERENCE ONLY. R/T = Bend Radius/Material Thickness <0.016" (0.4mm) thick, 11/16 (17.5mm) wide.
4TR08 available above 0.018" (0.4mm). TM08 is limited in thickness.