Precision Rolled Stainless Steel

Olin Brass offers precision rolled stainless steel through Somers Thin Strip, our Waterbury Connecticut-based precision re-roll mill that specializes in high-performance light gauge metal strip. The stainless steels that Somers produces are exceptionally flat, thin and wide, manufactured to the tightest tolerances for the most demanding applications.

Every order is custom-tailored to the precise specifications of customer; hard drive reader head suspensions, photo etch components, deep drawn components, and solar panel substrates are just a few of the products that incorporate our stainless steels.


  • Various 200, 300, & 400 Series Stainless Steels
Precision Rolling
  • Sendzimir rolling mills
  • Computerized gauge control
  • Thin Gauge
  • Tempered 0.001” to 0.025” (25µm to 0.64mm)
  • Annealed 0.003” to 0.025” (25µm to 0.64mm)
  • Surface finishes
  • <1 microinch to 40 microinches and higher
Precision Slitting
  • Width 0.032” to 37” (0.8 to 940mm)
  • Tight camber tolerances
  • Precision slit edges
Premium Shape
  • Ungerer Tension Leveler
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