Engineered High-Performance Copper Foils

Olin Brass manufactures many types of rolled and surface treated copper and copper alloy foils at its Somers Thin Strip facility, including specialty high-performance copper foils in a wide range of thicknesses and surface treatments. All are custom crafted to meet the precise individual requirements of domestic and international customers in the micro-electronics, energy, medical and other industries.

Features and Characteristics   

  • Rolled (RA) copper foils, 10 – 400+ µm thick and up to 920 mm wide
  • Multiple copper alloys with different strengths, conductivities and other properties
  • Electrodeposited (ED) copper foils on a releasable copper carrier, 1- 5 µm thick
  • Different types of low and high profile protective and/or bond-enhancing surface treatments, with optional nickel plating
  • Exceptional control of properties, dimensions, surface and shape
  • Tailor-made to meet very specific customer needs.
  • Supplied worldwide in rolls or sheets, with superior quality and service
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