Value-Added Plating & Coating Solutions

For customers who require custom plating for proprietary and/or highly specialized applications, Olin Brass is an obvious choice. Within the company network and through close subcontractor relationships, we offer an unmatched range of value-added services, including electroplating, specialty slitting, surface treatments/coatings, and cut-to-length capability. Equally importantly is the emphasis we place on ease of doing business – you deal with only one contact and receive only one invoice on any given job, regardless of how many companies are involved in the work.

Value-Added Services

Electroplating (Reel to Reel):
  • Tin Coated - Matte, Bright, Reflow
  • Olin Advance Tin Barrier, Super Thin Advance Reflow
  • Precious Metals - Gold, Silver, Palladium, Selective Plating, Duplex
  • P24 and P2 Anti-Tarnish coatings
Other Metal Coatings:
  • Hot Air Level Tin
  • Hot Tin Dip (Mechanical Wipe)
  • Tin Silver
Other Services:
  • Cut to length
  • Precision slitting
  • Lube free cold rolling
  • Specialty surface treatments - Matte, Polish
  • PVC Coating
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# Items: