Materials that matter: An overview of Olin Brass products.

Flip a switch and the lights go on. Turn the key and the car starts. Lightning strikes and the circuit breaker trips. There are thousands of things like that we simply take for granted. Olin Brass is, in large part, why we can.

As you can see from the product categories below, the materials and products Olin Brass and our companies make are extraordinarily numerous and diverse, but all have at least one characteristic in common. They are designed to be taken for granted. Because they work.

Which is why Olin Brass products – and countless other products made from Olin Brass alloys – are ubiquitous in devices and applications where durability, corrosion resistance, conductivity, and precision are absolutely vital. Without them, the dependable environment you expect would be impossible.

So essential to so much of what we take for granted – that’s Olin Brass.

On time. On budget. No surprises.

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