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In the 300 years since the discovery of copper’s extraordinary conductive properties, it has evolved to become the literal lifeline of modern society and the energy harnessing technologies that make it possible. Olin Brass has played a crucial role in the evolution of copper over the past century and is poised to continue to do so in the next, as development of renewable energy sources takes century stage in the 21st century.

Developing renewable energy solutions offers unique challenges. The need for ever thinner, lighter, stronger, and smoother materials continues to push the technological edge of metals manufacturing. Olin Brass welcomes the challenge and is addressing it head on through material engineering efforts in collaboration with our suppliers and OEMs. Below are a few examples of the product breakthroughs those efforts have generated, with links to technical data sheets for each.

Engineered High Quality Stainless for thin film photovoltaic substrates specializing in thin, wide, smooth, and clean products. Product features:

  • Material Thickness = 0.0254mm minimum
  • Width = 927 mm maximum
  • Surface Roughness, Ra
  • 0.025 micron maximum
  • 0.038 micron maximum
  • 0.050 micron maximum
  • Peak to Valley, PV = 1.0 micron maximum
  • Surface cleanliness = 30-70 Dyne value

Advanced Tin coating solar solutions

Olin Brass has developed Advanced TinTM diffusion barriers to enhance the performance of Sn coated Cu by reducing the rate of inter-metallic compound formation. Thinner electroplated tin coatings can be effective alternatives to thicker and more costly industry standards. Comparison of several tin plating systems shows that electroplated tin with an advanced barrier system can have improved longevity and higher reliability at a fraction of the cost of heavier industry standard thicknesses.

Battery Alloy Foils

Olin Brass has developed a variety of high performance copper alloy foils engineered for use as anode current collectors in lithium-ion and other types of rechargeable batteries.

Main features include:

  • Rolled foils down to 10 micron
  • Multiple copper alloys with a wide range of physical and mechanical properties
  • Excellent fatigue performance to withstand many charge cycles
  • Range of surface roughness down to 0.3 micron Rz, identical on both sides
  • Custom surface treatments for adhesion enhancement and corrosion protection
  • 650mm wide and 2000 meter long coils
  • Flatness controlled to 5mm maximum deviation across width of strip

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