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The Future Of Electronics Is Here.

Smaller, lighter, faster – as electronics engineers continue to push the limits of miniaturization and complexity in component design, Olin Brass is there with the material solutions they need.

Our latest generation of high performance alloys represents a huge step up from traditional beryllium copper and phosphor bronze, providing product designers with the improved strength, formability, conductivity and reliability necessary to meet the performance demands of emerging applications.

You’ll find these alloys wherever cutting edge electronics are evolving: mobile phone battery contacts, LAN jacks, undersea cable wrap, heat sink material, and new hyper fast connection solutions for computer processors, storage devices and high-end servers. Whether the application is mission critical or a common industrial connector, Olin Brass has the copper alloy products you need to keep up and keep ahead.

High Performance Alloys: Electronic Applications

Below is a sampling of our latest high performance alloys designed for use in electronic component design and applications; simply click on the link for a product overview and technical specifications. Please note: this is not an all-inclusive list. If you don’t see exactly what you need below, please contact us to talk with an Olin Brass materials specialist directly.

  • C18080
  • C19010
  • C4252
  • C5118
  • C7025

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