A Vital Constant in a World of Change.

For half a century, the U.S. Mint has relied on copper alloys from Olin Brass for the production of coins and tokens.

The relationship started in the early 1960s, when we began providing metal strip for pennies and nickels, and expanded significantly when the Mint selected Olin Brass to develop materials and designs for the first generation of cladded U.S. coins. We’ve been a mainstay supplier ever since, delivering well over one billion pounds of alloys to date.

Equally important, we’ve built an unsurpassed understanding of the special metallurgical properties required for solid and clad coinage that’s made Olin Brass the Mint’s choice for several long-term projects, including development of the manganese brass alloy selected for redesigned U.S. Dollar coin in 1999. And that, combined with the unmatched color quality, durability and corrosion resistance of our products, has made Olin Brass an indispensable resource for the U.S. Mint and others around the world.

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