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Beauty, durability, versatility – those are the characteristics that have made Olin Brass alloys the choice of hardware manufacturers in building, plumbing and related industries.

Our strip and tubing products are particularly well-suited for “surface critical” applications where appearance is as important as product performance. They can be produced in a myriad of attractive colors, with surface characteristics ideal for buffing and polishing to the high luster required in architectural and decorative products.

High Performance Alloys: Hardware Applications

Alloys commonly used for architectural and decorative hardware, as well as plumbing fixtures and components are listed below. Please note that additional finishing modifications are available, including polished, polished and clear-coated, satin-finished, and patterned/embossed options. Please contact us for more information or request a quote for product made to your exact specifications.

Available Alloys

C220 Commercial Bronze
C230 Red Brass
C240 Low Brass
C260 Cartridge Brass
C268 Yellow Brass
C272 Yellow Brass
C752 18% Nickel-Silver

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