Tin-Coated Alloys

Posted below are links to the Safety Data Sheets for Olin Brass tin-coated products, which consist of distinct base metal and tin coating alloys.


Title UNS/CDA Numbers MSDS Number
Tin Coated Aluminum Bronze 01427.0001
Tin Coated Other Copper Zinc Alloy 01381.0001
Tin Coated Copper Nickel Alloy 01449.0001
Tin Coated Nickel Silver 01380.0001
Tin Coated Steel 01451.0001
Tin Coated High Copper Alloy 01452.0001
Tin Coated Copper Alloy 01426.0001
Tin Coated Brass 01375.0001
Tin Coated Tin Brass 01367.0001
Tin Coated Phosphor Bronze 01334.0001
Tin Coated Brass (Spanish) 01375.0001
Tin Coated Copper Alloy (Spanish) 01375.0001
Tin Coated Leaded Brass c30000-39999 01324.0001
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