Standard Metal Alloys

Posted below are links to the Safety Data Sheets for all standard, non-layered alloys available from the Olin Brass family of companies.


Title UNS/CDA Numbers MSDS Number
CuVerro I Antimicrobial Not Applicable 31.0001
CuVerro II Antimicrobial Not Applicable 32.0001
CuVerro III Antimicrobial Not Applicable 33.0001
CuVerro IV Antimicrobial Not Applicable 34.0001
Cuverro V Antimicrobial Not Applicable 35.0001
Copper Alloy C10000-C15599 (except C15815) 00001.0001
High Copper Alloy C18000-C19999 (excluding 18135) 00004.0001
Brass C20000-29999 00005.0001
Leaded Brass C30000-C39999 00007-0001
Tin Brass C40000-C49999 00008-0001
Phosphor Bronze C50000-C52999 00010-0001
Aluminum Bronze C60000-C64700 00012.0001
Leaded Phosphor Bronze C53000-C59999 00011.0001
Silicon Bronze C64700-C66199 00013.0001
Other Copper Zinc Alloy C66200-C69999 00014.0001
Copper Nickel Alloy C70000-C72999 00015.0001
Nickel Silver Alloy C73000-C79999 00016.0001
Nickel Alloy Not Applicable 00017.0001
Stainless Steel Not Applicable 00018.0001
Aluminum Alloy Not Applicable 00019.0001
Coated Aluminum Foil Not Applicable 00021.0001
Coated Stainless Steel Alloy Not Applicable 00022.0001
Cold Rolled Carbon Steel Not Applicable 00024.0001
Coated Cold Rolled Carbon Steel Not Applicable 00025.0001
Aluminum Clad Alloys Not Applicable 00026.0001
CuVerro VI Antimicrobial Not Applicable 00036.0001
Brass (Spanish) C20000-C29999 00005.0001
Copper Alloy (Spanish) C10000-C15599 (except C14200) 1.0001
Stainless Steel (Spanish) Not Applicable 00018.0001
CuVerro I Not Applicable 85353-1
CuVerro II Not Applicable 85353-2
CuVerro III Not Applicable 85353-3
CuVerro IV Not Applicable 85353-4
CuVerro V Not Applicable 85353-5
CuVerro VI Not Applicable 85353-6
Tin Alloy Not Applicable 00020.0001
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