CopperBond® Alloys

Links to the Safety Data Sheets for precision rolled foils featuring our proprietary CopperBond surface treatment are posted below.


Title UNS/CDA Numbers MSDS Number
CopperBond Pink-Black (Copper Base) 09001.0001
CopperBond Pink-Black (High Copper Alloy Base) 09002.0001
CopperBond Pink-Black (Copper Nickel Base) 09003.0001
Peelable Foil Pink-Black (CopperBond Layer - Copper Base) 09007.0001
Peelable Foil Pink-Black (CopperBond Layer - Copper Nickel Base) 09008.0001
CopperBond Treated Copper Alloy Foil with Nickel Overplate 09004.0001
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