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Back to the Future: Olin Brass Mill Products

While Olin Brass is a major player in virtually every industry where copper alloys are utilized, our core business remains centered in East Alton, Illinois, and the brass mill Franklin Olin founded nearly a century ago. Today, it’s among the most productive facilities of its kind in the world, capable of turning out well over a million pounds of finished product – copper alloys in coil form – every working day. Those alloys, in turn – 60 in all, from high coppers and brasses to phosphor bronzes and nickel silvers – form the foundation of the Olin Brass product portfolio.

Mill Products: Specifications Summary

Olin Brass produces 60 distinct copper alloys at our East Alton brass mill, including both horizontally and direct chill vertically cast compounds. Please note: the following summary of product specifications is not an exhaustive list. For information about alloys, gauges, and configurations not listed here, please contact us.

Enhancing Value Through Service Excellence

In addition to producing 60 distinct copper alloys, Olin Brass Mill Products offers a full line of value-added services as well as technical services for continued support.

From cut-to-length and special finishes to engineering recommendations, Mill Products has the capabilities and expertise to provide service solutions specific to your needs. A sampling of the exceptional services we offer:

Value Added Services

  • Commercial Hot Tinning
  • Electroplated Products
  • Trial/Sample Programs
  • Multi-gauge and Skiving Lines
  • Traverse Wound Reels
  • Clad Metal Capabilities
  • Customer Specific Packaging

Technical Assistance

Mill Products has a dedicated and experienced technical engineering team that provides best in class support through knowledge and innovation. They can assist with material selection, recommendations and trouble-shooting, and are available at your convenience – by phone or email as well as on-site for all your technical needs.

Inventory Management Programs

We offer tailored programs to meet your operational requirements. These programs are designed to maintain supply stability while minimizing lead time and inventory.

Alloy Specifications

40+ Standard Alloys Between UNS 10100 – 77000

  • For detailed specs, see listings in the Olin Brass Copper Alloy Guide Clad Composites:
  • Copper Alloy to Copper Alloy
  • Copper Alloy to Steels
  • Copper Alloy to Aluminum


0.0025” to 0.250” (.064 to 6.35mm)


0.250 to 30” (6.4mm to 760mm)

Platings and Coatings

Various tin and precious metal plating and coatings

Coil Weights

4,400-22,000 lbs (2mt – 10mt)

Core Specs

Diameters: 12” & 16” (300mm & 406mm) Types: Fiber, Steel

Delivery Formats

Pancake Traverse Wound Reels to 3000 lbs (1.5T)

For more information on the above products and the mill capabilities of our East Alton facility, please refer to our copper alloy guide or contact us directly (link).

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