Somers Thin Strip Services

Adding Value to Every Aspect of Service

For Somers Thin Strip, the challenge of doing business has grown exponentially in recent years, with the ever higher demand for product quality and technological innovation matched by constantly growing expectations in the areas of service reliability and efficiency.

We’ve been exceptionally successful in meeting the challenge, in large part by redoubling our efforts to improve every aspect of our services. From constantly increasing the flexibility of our service offerings and raising the bar in performance reliability, to maintaining the highest possible level of technical and research support in new product development for our customers, we are wholly committed to adding value to every aspect of every service we offer. Some examples:

Inventory Management Programs

Like the products we manufacturer, our program offerings are designed to be custom-tailored to suit your specific needs while minimizing lead time, ensuring stable supply, and reducing capital costs.

Technical Support

Our technical service engineering group is made up of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the foils industry. They’re available at your convenience to provide whatever support you need, from material recommendations to customer application trouble shooting, working onsite and via any communication method you prefer.

Materials Research Support

Electrochemical Processing • Test Development • Materials Characterization • Mechanical Testing • Surface Measurement • Microstructural/Metallography • Chemical Analysis • Analytical Electron Microscopy

Value Added Services

Metal Coatings • Traverse Wound Reels • Foil Sheeting • Trial/Sample Programs • Specialized/Customized packaging