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If you have a specific job that you'd like us to estimate, just complete the information below and we'll get back to you within (2 working days). For all general questions regarding our services, email us.

And thanks again for your interest in Somers Thin Strip.

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Somers Thin Strip

Terms and Conditions

  • Payment Terms: Net 30, 1/2% disc. 15 days
  • Freight: PPD 8K
  • F.O.B. Point: Waterbury, CT
  • Fuel and aggregated metal surcharges to apply
  • Quotation is valid for 20 business days
  • Somers Thin Strip standard Terms and Conditions of Sale apply
  • Quotation is subject to complete review of specifications and applications
  • Quotation is subject to complete review of credit standing
  • Prices on any future quotations for the same material will be reviewed for changes at the time of inquiry