Fabricated Products Services

Services by Fabricated Products

Engineering and Q.A. Services

Engineering at Olin Brass Fabricated Products is handled by a team of professionals whose depth of experience allows us to take on the most challenging stamping projects in terms of design complexity and premium surface critical applications. Their services represent an extraordinary value; after a one-time charge for the initial tool build, it is our policy to fully maintain the tools at our cost for the life of the product.

Calibration and Inspections

Gaging methods and equipment are tailored to each specific part design and key characteristics dictated by customer requirements. A thorough calibration system verifies all gages are calibrated on a yearly basis, with more frequent inspections for any signs of wear or damage. Primary inspection of product at the press by the operator emphasizes our commitment of building quality into our parts. Control plans detail the in-process inspection requirements and are part of the PPAP submittal process used for initial samples.

Metallurgical Support

One of the unique services offered by Fabricated Products is metallurgical support, especially relating to copper based alloys. Working with the customer’s design engineering team, we build around the most critical functional and material requirements of the application. We have access to the material data generated by Olin Brass in order to suggest alloy and temper options that will best serve the end use and insure manufacturability of the part.

ISO and TS Certification

Olin Brass Fabricated Products is certified to the latest ISO/TS 16949:2002 and ISO 9001:2000 standards. Further, we are committed to staying current with all new trends in tool design, inspection equipment and methods.