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About Olin Brass Mill Products

Fabricated Products was initially considered an extension of the Olin Brass Mill when the business unit was launched in the mid 1920’s. Our original products included a variety of electrical and ammunition components, pencil and plumbing ferrules, and decorative items. Expansion came quickly, and by the 1950’s we had produced over 6,000 different part numbers.

Since then, our expertise in complex geometries and ability to provide superior quality products has grown with ever-increasing customer demand. Higher performance alloys and a wider range of materials combine with streamlined production processes to support much broader market segments and a global customer base. We have also added higher tonnage progressive presses and a wider variety of transfer presses to expand our deep draw ability; more recently, multislide equipment has been installed as well. As a result, Fabricated Products today ranks among the world’s leaders in precision metal stamping, and an integral, vital part of the Olin Brass legacy.