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A Century of Unparalleled Progress: Get to know Olin Brass.

Copper is a substance like no other. A metal of perpetual sophistication, unlimited utility, and truly remarkable properties, it has shaped the history of civilization as surely as we have used it to shape our tools, our technologies, our way of life.

Yet by itself, it is simply a raw material, one whose potential can only be unlocked by human minds and hands using precisely controlled systems and methodologies to pursue the possibilities wherever they lead.

This is the domain of Olin Brass. Since 1916, we’ve been mixing equal parts mind and matter, inspiration and perspiration to forge elements into opportunity. The materials we produce provide the basis for countless products that empower people and connect society, as well as the foundation for a future of boundless promise. Such is the genius of copper … and the business of Olin Brass.

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