The Olin Brass Family of Companies

In pursuit of our mission as “America’s Copper Source,” Olin Brass is supported by several divisions that together comprise an integrated organization uniquely suited to meet the needs of today’s constantly evolving global manufacturing marketplace. For more information about an individual Olin Brass business unit, click on its Company Profile link below.

Mill Products

Now in operation for nearly a century, Olin Brass Mill Products produces 60 distinct copper alloys at our East Alton brass mill, turning out up to a million pounds or more of finished coil every working day.

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Bryan Metals

Located in Bryan, Ohio, Bryan Metals is a service center and re-roll facility that provides high quality copper alloys primarily for automotive terminal manufacturers, as well as select customers in the electronic, garment, and furniture markets.

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Somers Thin Strip

Somers Thin Strip is a precision re-roll mill that manufactures metal foils from stainless steels, copper alloys, nickel alloys, and carbon steels, with a variety of  surface enhancements, coatings and other options tailored to individual customer needs.

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Fabricated Products

Olin Brass Fabricated Products is a custom stamping house manufacturing parts made from over 50 different copper based alloys and other materials for the automotive, hardware, coinage, decorative plumbing, and electrical markets.

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Fineweld Tube

Fineweld® Tube manufactures high-frequency, induced current, and welded copper alloy tubing, primarily for heat transfer and other applications demanding superior surface quality, for a diversity of industrial, commercial and healthcare markets.

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GBC Metals Asia Pacific, or GMAP, is a wholly-owned Singapore-based subsidiary of Olin Brass that markets and sells products manufactured by Olin Brass companies in key electronics markets throughout southeast Asia.

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GBC Metals LLC

GBC Metals, LLC has sales and distribution represntation located in Shanghai, this is a representative office handling products from OLM, Bryan Metals, and Somers Thin Strip as well as the Olin Brass mill in East Alton, for distribution throughout the People’s Republic of China.

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Joint Ventures


Olin Luotong Metals (OLM, established in 2002 as a joint venture with the Chinalco-Luoyang Copper Company, is a value-added service center that distributes copper alloy products to a diversity of manufacturers in Chinese industrial markets.

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Established in 1987 as a joint venture with DOWA Holdings Corporation, DOWA-Olin Metals (DOM) markets HPAs manufactured under license from Olin Brass and DOWA’s strip mills to key electronics customers in Japan and Southeast Asia. 

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